Cigany Laszlo’s Story
You wish to know about me, igen?

I am Cigany Laszlo Sarkany and I am a Gypsy. My family mostly traveled the area around Zemplan in Hungary, working the farms when there was work and being typical Gypsies the rest of the time. One time, we were in Paczine, when I was falsely accused of killing a man (no, really). To protect the rest of my family, I was forced to flee. I stole …erm… found some paperwork in the Baron’s castle that would enable me to travel without being questioned and I left. I wanted to get as far from my family as possible (the Baron was not a pleasant man), so I decided I would sail away.

No legitimate ship would have anything to do with me, I need to find a ship that I could buy passage on that wouldn’t ask inconvenient questions. I ended up aboard the Diamond’s Rule, a pirate ship getting ready to head back to England. During the trip, I met the ship’s child-minded cook, Gruel, and fell in love with her. Unfortunately, she was the little sister of the Captain and the sister-in-law of the First Mate, I was in more danger than when I left!!

It should be obvious that I survived that situation. I married Gruel and became the Shantyman on the Pirate …erm… Privateer ship, the Diamond’s Rule.

The truth in the story…
When my father was alive, we decided to take from our family history as the basis of our characters. While I was born in the US, my father does come from Paczine, in the county of Zemplan, Hungary. The area was never a Barony, but it was one of the first areas settled by the Magyars in 1,000 CE. There is even a castle there, which gave us the idea for the Barony, the castle has been a storage area, market place, school, library, and is currently a museum. Sárkány is the word for dragon and I chose it because of my love of dragons (couldn’t you tell?).

The gypsy was originally my secondary character, but I switched to him after my father passed away. I didn’t want to continue the character I played beside my father and gypsies are just too much damn fun to play!