I started going to Renaissance Faires in 1987.  I wasn’t long before I was buying garb pieces and a season pass. Since that time, I’ve had  a couple of personas that have run through several years. The last went more than 10, with a continuing story line. I have also been a patron, participant, and boothie.

New York Renaissance Faire (NYRF, Tux) was my first faire and is still my home faire, I haven’t missed a season since 1987. I’ve mostly been a patron here, but was also a member of the Friends of Faire for the 9 years it existed.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire has 2 shows, the Robin Hood Springtime Festival in May and the King Henry Harvest Festival in October. At the spring faire, I can be found at Karmic Henna or out on Rogue Guild business. For the fall faire, I’ll either be at The Hostel or the Pickle Barrel.

The Medieval Festival at Ft. Tryon Park is held the Sunday after NYRF closes. I’m here at Karmic Henna also, we’re usually on the main road before the food booths.